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Mathminds - Tutors: What we do. Maths tutoring vacancies in Glasgow. Private maths tutor recruitment. We are an educational consultancy who perform checks into the backgrounds and credentials of tutors and match the skill sets of those successful tutors to the tuition requirements of students.

What this means for you:

 Your background and credentials will be verified meaning      that you will not be asked by parents to bring your degree      certificate to the first session or to provide referees for them to      approach for references

 We introduce you to students within your area who are looking for tuition, enabling you to build a     reputation

 We can provide you from as little as 1 or 2 hours per week - full-time hours

 You are under no obligation to accept any tutoring opportunity that is offered to you

 If you are employed as a teacher at present we will ensure that you will not be offered a student     from the school you teach in

 You will be rewarded well in terms of remuneration; the fee for tuition is set by Mathminds so you     will not have to come to an agreement with the student

 All arrangements for time and location for tutoring are agreed between yourself and the student to     your mutual convenience

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